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I tried to cry out from the inside

but I guess my soul did not pour itself out enough

15 December 1987
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hmm....let's see..... my name is Alley, I'm 21 years old. i have a son Joshua Luke McLauchlin. he was born Feb 20th 2008. he is the love of my life. I would do anything and everything for him.
I'm anti-abortion, i'm for the war going on in Iraq right now, if you hate me for that, oh well that's your choice. i know a few guy's that have died in the war already, they are my hero's. I love the military, they are freaking amazing and brave. .yeah live life to the fullest, because you never know when you will die.

R.I.P. LANCE CPL. Abraham Simpson
March 16th 1985- November 9th 2004

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